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December 31, 2015

Marriage Stress

Got a glimpse of the beauty pageant Miss Universe while switching channels and watched it to see those beautiful faces walking down sharing their experiences.

It reminded me of my days as a kid when I watched the pageant thanks to my cousins (read this link to know about them). While I looked at those pretty faces exuberating confidence as they walked, my cousins looked more interested in the Q&A rounds.

They would try to answer the questions as if prepping for it when they have their day to shine. I would too being part of the group. The most that I enjoyed after the Q&A was the swimming suit competition.

This year event however took the cake away with its announcement of the winner that made one wonder if they were watching a reality show wherein to spice things up, one would do something not expected that would create hue & cry and gather much needed attention.

I know and have seen how marriage can cause serious stress to women given that she is the one who is leaving her home and enter a new one with new members to call her family and a husband to be her companion for life.

Guys too can get stressed about marriage as I am seeing one right now. Watched his engagement video and he was the one with the nerves while his fiancée smiled throughout. His marriage date was six months ago and now it will happen in the next two months. Hope he is able to smile throughout his marriage or else we will never let him forget the day for years to come.

How often do you bargain when making a purchase? I admit that I am bad at it. I have a friend who excels in it. Has a flair for it as he keeps pushing till the other person gets tired if not irritated and agrees. What amuses me that he has the purchasing power to buy at fixed rate still he would haggle to bring the price down.  Is that how one saves money?

It’s the last week of the year and as each day passes by, one wonders about the year gone by, the hits and misses. The times for celebrating the year end with a bang.

Wish you all a Happy New Year and hope all your wishes come true.

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