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November 22, 2015

Diwali Dhamaka

Diwali was over but the look of the office was still deserted as if people had the blues to join back.

The Diwali dhamaka happened post Diwali when work came in like anything that drives you mad.

I almost forgot to tell about buying a new phone. It was too be arrived two weeks later and driving me crazy. It had ruined my sleep and I started dreaming about it too.

The arrival brought me immense pleasure but then came the technicalities of changing sim card, moving one’s contacts, moving my files, etc. No easy way to do that.

If that was not enough, my colleague could be heard saying out loud to people about my new phone. I so wish to strangle him badly…

How good are you at laughing at yourself when someone makes fun of you? Do you take it in stride or get anger at. I will be honest to admit that I am not too good at it but only a few are allowed to take a jibe at me J What about you?

One of my colleagues found an innovative way to get his home loan cheque that he is pursuing for the past two and half months. The problem was that he had good relations with them and found a way to avoid it getting sore.

I must admit I am amazed by his methodology which seems to be working as he is getting calls from them and the cheque too is now ready for handover.

It rained and the weather just got better to have some ice creams…

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