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May 21, 2014

The Perfect Crime — I

“Can you take us there?” Inspector Sushil sitting in front of Milind asked him. Milind, who appeared stoned, nodded his head in affirmative.

As they reached his residence, Milind opened the door and guided them to his bedroom. They found the knife with blood dripping from its tip on the floor kept beside the bedroom cabinet near to where the women’s body lied with the sheets soaked in blood.

As the photographer started taking pictures of the crime scene, Inspector Sushil Patil took aside Milind and asked him “Why did you do it?” Milind who appeared numbed and lost said “She was going to leave me for another man”.

They took him under custody and placed him in the prison cell for murdering his wife.

As news of the murder broke out, his family came to know of the incident and both his mother Shanta and sister Mridula rushed to the police station. They were both guided to the cell where he was kept in holding.

He was sitting in a corner in the jail uniform, with his head down. “Milind, are you okay?” asked her mother as she caught the sight of him followed by Mridula. “Tell me, tell me. I know you could never do such a thing. Why would you do it?” she kept asking him as he stood in front of them with his head down. Tears flowed through her eyes seeing her son in distraught.

“Please don’t cry Amma. Please don’t” said Milind in a lowly voice. “Please tell me that you did not kill Chaitra, I know you won’t do it” she said to him as she begged to give her an answer.

He had none, as he stood mute in front of them with his eyes gazing down even as his mother held his hands through the jail bars. “Milind, I don’t think you are in a position to talk but we will do whatever we can to free you” said Mridula offering him support.

“Please don’t. I have committed a crime and need to be punished for it”. “Why would you do it? What had happened between the two of you that you took such a step?” Mridula questioned him which was followed by silence.

Seeing no response from him, she decided to leave as she held her mother who was heartbroken.

Few days later, a constable comes at his cell and takes him to the interrogation room where Sushil was waiting for him.

“How are you doing” he asked Milind who was seated in front of him who appeared better than earlier. “Fine” he replied.

“I have called you here to inform you that knowing that you have confessed to kill your wife, we have come across evidence that she had died before you stabbed her with a wife”

To be continued.....

P.S. I am tried my hand at writing a story. Trust its not that easy to write a long one especially when you don't have time or find yourself lost.

Anyways, I did complete one and sharing it out here. Please do read and give your honest feedback. Good, Bad (I'll try to take it under my stride) but please do :)

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