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January 5, 2014

Bollywood And The 100cr Club

Watching Dhoom 3 got me thinking….

Either the film makers think they can get away by showing a movie which has the actors, location, songs, action and supposedly a story to make it work or think the audience won’t notice the sloppy story plot in the backdrop of what the movie offers.

The way one hears about the movie crossing the Rs. 300 crore in box office collections makes one really wonder if you would still call it a good movie given the pot holes in the story plot which looked as part of the crater from the moon.

Movies like these actually makes one wonder about the ride that the audiences are taken into that fails to give you the satisfaction and value for money. Hope you are not the one who bought the tickets at Rs. 900. My heart goes out for you…

When people buy movie tickets, they wish to be enthralled in a world of cinema that capture their imagination by surprise but leave them with the feeling of happiness, sad, humor and engaging the curiosity of their minds by deliberating over the movie while leaving the theatres and thereafter. 

A movie that stays with the audiences long after it’s moved away from the multiplexes for its story, picturization, dialogues or simply for its humor reminds one how good the movie was.

Sadly the recent spate of movies would hardly make any recollection down the years. Though there have been movies that break these barriers but they certainly are very few.

It seriously makes one wonder if enough attention is paid to the basic need of the movie that will draw attention of the audience if the story of the movie is given its space.

Remaking of hit or old movies is certainly not the way to go and will certainly not help sustain the hindi film industry in the long run.

A series of dabba movies will only make the audiences more choosy before deciding to buy a ticket to watch a movie.

Hope there is a change in the trend in the upcoming movies for this year.


Mirage said...

Oh i so agree! It was such a waste of time and money with the constant desire to throw something at the screen and scream "WTF is going on?"

But, there's hope. I'd like to think so. Movies like the Lunchbox and maybe even Highway make me positive about the future!

Tall Guy said...


Welcome to the den of Tall Guy.

Yeah they certainly do...