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Life is Unfair
Everyone Struggles
Let's Not Make That An Excuse

October 11, 2013


Even as I am writing this post I am wondering if all of us live our present hoping the best for our future. 

Future towards which we all foresee to have a better life than the present.

The present life becomes a grind between the daily routine and working towards one dream making it a reality in the future.

We all seem to be in a rat race for more money, better living, relationships and so on and on.

Have you ever taken the time out and smelled the roses for a change? However brief the encounter was, did it make you feel alive in your present than working towards the distant dreams of the future.

Do we exist in this planet only to keep ourselves caged in the world that we have built around us or does life has something more to give that’s been ignored in our chase of living our lives where even a day feels short now.

There are no answers here, only a thought that life can mean more than a mere existence of fulfilling our societal responsibilities and desires.

As they say, the truth is out there for those who seek….


Anonymous said...

our life is what we make of it :) I guess searching for a purpose is futile. Why bother about milestones when all ways end in one destination ? I'd rather we forge our own milestones :)

Tall Guy said...

@ Meenu

True :))