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July 14, 2013


Being alone with nature instills a sense of calmness as you listen to it speaking to you.

Rain droplets falling from the sky, makes its impact on the ground and spreading all over the place. Even as the wind forces it to change its direction

Heavy down pour make the city noise mute long enough that all one could sense is their own consciousness.

Give it a time and one is almost at peace. One just wants to hold on to the moment but like every moment it has to come to an end for a new moment to come.

P.S. Simply love the rains but you cannot enjoy them certainly not in Bombay where everything surfaces, floats and moves that is laying around as garbage. Wish had a cleaner city to enjoy the nature at its best.



nice sharing

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Rakesh Vanamali said...

Yes, one loves the rains - but never in Bombay where it makes such a mess of the place!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the rain lashed the city as it had a premonition that you are going to blog about it? :P

Coming to the "peace", yeah, I do agree with. Rain somehow melts all the chaos that runs inside us, and as the drops fall on the ground, so does the inner turmoil turns zero. But post-monsoon, the 'garbage' is all the more difficult to handle, isn't it?

Bdw good to read after a long time. Seems like i have missed some of the posts, gotta hop around :)

Tall Guy said...

@Rakesh just imagine what my plight would be

@DreamyGal It certainly does....