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March 29, 2013


The mind is free, alive as it journeys itself away from the midst of the forest where it earns its bread and butter and towards a break for refreshing the mind, body and soul of the man it resides in.

That’s how I will define my break that I have taken to be away from the jungles of the real world and seeking the solace inside my cave and wish to go into a hibernation to give me a peace state of mind that I yearn, if only it was for my hunger which would drive me out of my cave L

There have been days, when I wanted to return this place, which I discovered by accident and the fact that I can write too. If you hear by the compliments of the sisterhood on my handwriting, I probably should be banned for writing. According to them my handwriting resembles “crows feet”.  Thank God, for computers, the truth can be white washed.

There were posts which were put to an end before it began. Posts that was half written and left to find its own place. This is what happens when one is trying to write a comeback post after a hiatus.

Today I realized, I just need to make a heart to heart conversation to get your attention.

Life is keeping me busy to the extent that I even have to end up planning my off days so that I could take care of household chores and yes after that if time left, is for myself. The time for self is like a smoke that gets over before you even began your first drag.

The good part is that I am learning. I am now playing a guitar which seemed to be a distant dream for ages.  There are other things in the offing too.

I have always been curious about the human mind and the way people behave, act in any given situations. I find myself in the midst of people who can beat the shit out of you or make a fool out of you and you won’t even know…

It’s amazing to see how much communication matters in today’s world. If you know just how to communicate and not even know facts in a given situation, you can still rule. I am trying to learn that but it’s not that easy if you don’t open up to people easily.

Apart from that I realize that it matters to have good relations/contacts with people.  Our country lives by the VIP culture where it comes to crucial matters; it’s the contacts/people that matters that comes to the rescue. This is so evident in our so day to day routine, that one wonders if the govt. is a mirror reflection of its people??

Anyways, apart from the observations, I am looking for a change. Have planned things for this year and already the Q1 is over.  Still lot of time, to get things done right J

Hope everyone is doing well, and yes spending enough time on their blogs…


Rashmi said...

Hey.. How are u?Good to see u back. Me too checking my blog after a loooong time . TC :)

Tall Guy said...

@ Rashmi

Good to hear from you. Hope you are doing well.

adreamygal said...

Well, expecting to be the old-blogger or posting on same frequency when you are in corporate, well, I don't even got any comparison to begin with!

But good to see you back with some hard lessons learnt, and most of all, being honest! Though missing your wonderful posts (I know those words are cliched, but I don't know any other words, honestly!), its actually good to know you are faring well in life, learning and growing with a cave to rest in too, at times! :)

Take care buddy :)