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June 24, 2012

Blind Love

It was a wrong number that led them to know each other as they spend hours of day's and night talking to each other.

They had their common interest and zeal for life. Each wondered about the other person physicality or if they decided to meet face to face what would be the reaction. Would they like each other or hate that they wont talk to each other. The possibility of falling in love was always there more than things going any other way.

The day came when they decided to meet each other. The guy asked the girl to share her picture so that he could identify her. She refused said we will identify each other by our clothes and can meet as we have each other cell numbers. The guy thought there might be a problem with the girl, all kinds of thoughts came into his mind.

As the D-day came closer, he only wished that everything turns out fine.

They decided to meet at the a railway station wherein she was going to wear black t-shirt and he would don a white one. They both landed and began searching for each other.

Called up each other and gave direction which led them to meet in the real world. This was their first meeting.

After the first meeting, there was a silence for a number of days as they both did not exchanged words between them. 

It reminded of the meeting at the station where they both bumped into each other for the first time the gal with the dusky complexion and the guy, fair and tall. It was like they were meeting for the first time with all those long conversation they had erased from their minds as they decided to visit a nearby cafe.

It took a sip of coffee, snacks and conversation that brought them alive again. As they bid good bye their minds running towards evaluating each other and the compatibility.

Love meant everything for one of them and for the other it was a friendship that meant more and could lead to love in the future.

Time came to a standstill as they took their own time to know what they want until one of them decided they were ready to catch up with each other again.


Rakesh Vanamali said...

You hung it up so obscure and puzzling! I was looking for a state of time when they came together and lived forever, happy, easy, healthy and in love.

Grayquill said...

That is risk risk risk...no thank you. Well written.