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April 27, 2012


My mind is blank right now, wondering what to write on the piece of the white paper that I sit to write down each and every night to publish a post on my blog every day.

Lot of thoughts do wander around but to catch hold one of them and turn it around is difficult. It’s like trying caught a hen running around.

Just finished certain work before deciding to sit and write this post before going to sleep.

It’s good to have friends who worry about you, when one does not call them up. Makes me feel blessed. They say it’s not the count of friends that matter but the one who is always there to help that matters.

Why are desires insatiable? Why does it keep bringing to the same place when it cannot be yours? Is there a meaning hidden?

Why do doubts bother us when life is all about experience, making choice and living by it? Why does it force one to think the other way around?

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She scribbles said...

Your questions are so simple yet so pertinent.