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Life is Unfair
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Let's Not Make That An Excuse

April 26, 2012


These days I am in search of me. The ‘real’ me whom I know defines me but the one that can be felt inside but not on the outside. The search keeps me wandering around and yes a lot of questions that needs to be answered.

Ever look back at the past and had a look at oneself and the changes that one had gone through and wonder how come you lost that beautiful smile and innocence that kept one going through the day.

Keep asking question and the answers are never there. Still we keep looking for there. Some way want an explanation and the logic to get to us. Make us finally understand which it could not in the puzzle and the hints it leaves behind.

Yet the search of ‘me’ continues a state of mind which gives a sense of fulfillment. Is that what attaining nirvana is about? The search for truth of oneself…..

Lost in our own world, we create our version to deal with reality around even though life is about experience but still it creates challenges around us forcing us to make a choice

Choice which no matter one takes in a situation remains a decision of one, no matter where one stands in the middle of the road. It’s something that one has to live to with the rest of their lives.

If you think living life is easy, think again.

Then again, one lives only once, so what is there to lose? J

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