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April 14, 2012


There are two kinds of people in the world. One who goes with the flow and the second kind that tries/changes to make the path better as they walk along. I belong in the second category and no wonder it make me curious how people of the first kind can survive by simple accepting the existing situation and not try to change it for the better.

Apparently people in the higher up are not even aware of such issues. For them the only thing that matters is work gets done. One will support you but only as long as one is able to make it fruitful. I for certain cannot work in a place full of chaos. Apparently it has its own learning and I am doing just that right now.

Today happens to be the 13th the Friday and this also happens to be my 13th post for this month. Should that mean anything?

I have this guy chasing me for weeks to give at least 15 mins to listen to his investment idea and I don’t have the time. Life can be cruel at times sometimes making you work all the time or none at all.

Have been listening to this song all day along, been a long time since I heard a song in loop.

The song has three versions, two female and one male and I like this one better.

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