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April 7, 2012

Day VI The World of Movies

It was like time had stood still as there was a pin drop silence and the only thing one could hear was one’s own breath.  This how I felt as I woke up late in the morning

Hope I see more of such days. The day was spent watching movies. One of them happened to be the movie Congo, watching probably the third time. It kind of reminded me how manipulating nature can prove dangerous. Training gorrillas to be like warriors and then the same gorrillas turn into killers. 

That reminds me of the movie Rise of the planet of the apes, simply loved it even though the story has been told many a times. Wonder when will the time come when such movies will be made it India. I guess for that to happen our film industry needs to stop getting inspired from other movies.

There is one movie though that I like for its originality and the way it pictured the times of the kings. Suryavanshi, starring Salman Khan. I am not sure if the movie did good or not but it was certainly good and a very different concept.

That reminds me of the movie Chandni Bar. Apparently whenever I talk about this movie, I get into the nitty gritty of it. Remember just had a conversation on the same with a friend of mine few days back and even today I keep saying to people that instead of Lagaan, this movie should have been send as a nomination for the Oscars and we surely would have Oscar in our hands that year.

Seeing that movie, one can decipher how cruel can life be by sending one back to the place from where they always wanted to go/move/ran away. Such must be the realities of some people and then there are people like us lost in our own world and thinking what kind of mess we are in.

Its good to see Hindi movie industry taking small steps towards originality if not completely original. Even the south Indian film industry is better than them. Saw a few movies and have to say liked the originality in it.

Do you watch movies of other languages? Apparently as a kid I used to movies in Marathi, Gujrati, and other south Indian languages,Bengali and at time even foreign movies (with subtitles) for that matter.

Marathi movies are good too but found some of them exploiting the “Marathi Manoos” in a very wrong way. I don’t think movies should be used to promote that one community is greater than another. Then again in today’s times our educated political leaders are very busy in getting community votes and no wonder such kinds of movies helps their growth. Hope the education one has gone through helps one in making the right choices.

I sometimes do wonder what would be my life if there were no movies to watch and it seems like a nightmare movie J

So, do you a movie to tell......

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