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April 5, 2012

Day IV A Better Day

Today turned to be a better day than yesterday even though I have hell of work lying with me. These days I am listening to music on my phone something that happens only in a blue moon day.

Have a good collection of songs but will only listen when in the mood. Seeing people listening to it while jogging/traveling in buses, what the use of listening to song this way if one cannot enjoy the songs eternally. I happen to do that on my work.

Have you ever given a thought about the world revolving around you. Somehow this thought keeps coming back to me something that I just thought about when I small. Does it have a meaning to decipher.

Isn’t it challenging to live as a human being. To go through all kinds of emotions, go through day to day routines, do office/ home work and if one get the time then spend or exhaust the time in front of TV, chatting with friends and family and then when its time to sleep, one gets the time for self. We devote time to everyone but forget to do the same with ourselves. Does one really think they know who they are

Getting late going to sleep. Will make sure to devote time to blog.


She scribbles said...

About the 'world revolving around you', whenever I think of it my head begins to spin as if I were on a merry-go-round.

No one can claim to know themselves fully. If one would claim to then that would be purely out of ignorance.

Tall Guy said...


:) They certainly can't but can always explore.