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December 25, 2011

The Year 2011

The year 2011 is coming to an end with only a week to go. What a year this has turned out for me.

The month Jan brought some good news to me something that I have been running away from a long time and it was only after pushing myself that I went ahead and did what I was supposed to.

Somehow things were still in a fog as I choose to lay low instead of doing what I know the best. The year has been a mixed bag. Still there are certain things that I yearn to being fruitful but that just got carried away for the next year. Let see how that goes.

It’s interesting to know how I realize that the more you are desperate about certain things/situation; the more you will find yourself in a greater mess. Things take time to come on its own and I think patience is the only thing and to keep trying is something that keeps one going.

I would say this year has been all about spiritual/philosophical growth for me as I understand that life is always going to be a mess no matter what you do or how you want things to be.

Chaos in life is something that one cannot run away from. It’s going to stay there in one form or another. What needs to change is the way we respond to it.

Everyone wants good things in life but the truth is life is unfair and no matter how hard one thinks they deserve better, one has to somehow face the reality of the truth someday.

So my mantra of life has changed these days, it’s like chaos in life is going to be there but one needs to learn how to handle it and let it go when things are not in control. It’s like a freeway where one is traveling at a high speed with other cars zipping by. Be sure to know where one needs to take the turn and halt, to take the journey of been on the road again.

I used to consider myself as a optimist for a very long time but sooner that I realized that I am actually turning out to be a pessimist and to be honest it actually helped me more than trying to hope that being positive helps and face the reality of life in a better way.

I know when I write this down it seems like I am facing a battle with life or something very bad is going on. That’s certainly not the case. Life intrigues me. It’s just that sometimes words have the power to make you think in a certain way even though the intention is not the same. So if you are reading this don’t get sad or disappointed, the writer of this post is doing good and yes you can certainly send across your messages and gifts to keep him happy J

Real friends are hard to make in latter life. It’s all about give and take. I have lost of the count of crushes that I had this year. I guess there were certain chances that I could have built on, but I did not. When it comes to the matter of love, I find myself in this position:

“When I meet a girl I try to make her think I'm Joey, at d end of conversation I feel I'm like Chandler & she thinks he is boring like Ross”.

I always thought it was the British who ingrained this thought of caste and religion in our minds so that we would fight among ourselves instead of fighting for the freedom for the country. I guess I was wrong when I saw discrimination of a new kind which was not even based on religion or caste. One should really see the people taking advantage of the same. It’s bad.

Hope the year has been good to others too as it was to me (even though there are a few things that still has to be ticked off). Let us live in the present and enjoy the moment right now instead of trying to live a future which as always remains uncertain…

Wish everyone a Merry Christmas and loads of luck and love in the coming year of 2012.

Tall Guy Signing Off………..

1 comment:

meena iyer said...

I guess 2011 has been a mixed bag for me too. But one thing am happy and thank ful for , is my job. I love it.

On personal level though, its been like going through a maze and being blindsided @ every nook.