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September 27, 2009

From Real to Reel Love

Why is it so difficult to find someone to fall in love?

It seems that everyone around me is falling in love with the exception of me. Even the people one thinks would find hard finding love would find it and that would lead me to ask the question “What about me?”

I somehow believe that one should fall in love at least once to know what it takes to work and how it feels to be in love. Its easy to love the close ones unconditionally but how does one fall in love with a stranger and then decide to spend their lives together. What makes them know that this what they were looking for?

I have my share of crushes, love and heartbreaks (which are nothing but a figment of my imagination). When I look around I often find that someone not meeting my requirements (I don’t have any; but they come up mysteriously).

I am wondering whether the gals have stopped reading the Mills & Boons books.

Yes, I am that tall, dark (not dark but will tan do?) and handsome guy (I consider myself so) that every girl used to dream of. Nowadays nobody seems to read it given the poor response that I receive and plus I have to decide whether I should let someone be a pain in my neck or let the other one bear the pain for me. Read this post to know.

Whenever I see some pretty faces on the idiot box, I ask myself why don’t I meet such girl in real life or is that the reality in which I am living is different?

Here is a list of them:

I saw her first time when she had the character name Zoya (I like that name) and she had caught my eyes attention even though she was not the central character of the show. Any chance of me going on a date with her?

Most of the discovery that I made happen, when I was forced to watch the serials by my family. Well what could I do, I do belong to the minority league.

When I saw her, I was in awe of her. She is beautiful. I though find myself skeptical whether I would go out with her. I don’t feel that vibe or connection. What do you think?

She is cool, that’s what I think about her. I would look forward to go out with her. Do you think she will say yes to me?

I was surfing the channels when I spotted her. The first thing that came to my mind was what was she doing here? She was talking about stock prices, figures indicating the health of financial companies. I am not the one who is hooked on to business channel to know how up the sensex have gone or fall (our sensex apparently is a very sensitive one; even a news of a probable earthquake would rattle off a few stock prices).

When I saw her, I saw myself falling head over heels. I am wondering at my chances of going out with her. Considering she might have a long waiting list of guys, who would like to go on a date with her.

Every guy dreams of girl without brains but beauty. Not me, I find myself running in opposite direction when they approach me. This was another “find” by me when I saw her showcasing her skills of playing a dumb character but at the same time I found her cute (Did I use that word?, I hate someone telling me that). She came across as innocent and honest about herself, that’s what I like about her. I think I would like to know her better.

I did found someone who I liked. I met her in the theatre for the first time and almost found myself falling for her. I loved everything about her but yes I did prefer her to have more common sense. I again went to the theatre to see her again. She charmed me all the way. She brings a smile to my face and makes me laugh. What more could I ask for?

Perhaps I could turn her from being a character role to a person in real life. Wondering who that mystery lady is? Here is a glimpse of her.

BTW, just to clear the air I did not send her the solitaire wedding ring she received. :((

P.S. This list is a part of a list which is quite exhaustive :)


indianhomemaker said...

When you meet the right one you will not have too many questions... you will just click :) Did you read this post of mine...??

Grayquill said...

I'll give you the advice my dad gave me once (different problem)
"Hmmm...I don't know son, you'll figure it out."
And, I guarantee you will.

Free Falling said...

awww that was such a cute post :D
and trust me you dont want to go to that side, You will start missing your independance ;)

"When I look around I often find that someone not meeting my requirements (I don’t have any; but they come up mysteriously).

hahaha that is soooo me!! :P Well put!

Sunil said...

:D You love Asin?
Great!!!! :)

I think you should not try to fall in love with the idea of love....just be you...someday love will knock on your door...that day you'll love it. :)

Rakesh Vanamali said...

I fell in love and once was one too many! Hmmm......what can I say!

Shwetz said...

LOL... so many doubts! :P wont arise when u find ur perfect match. Though am fed up with the word "love", believe me, its actually a beautiful feeling and every beautiful world ends up ruthlessly! lol.. thats ma state of mind right now :P

Enjoy ur single status.. u'll find her one day! come on... GOD cant make ur life so easy! ;)

The Survivor said...


Yeah I agree. Yes I did, there still time before that happens :)

@ Grayquill

I got that

The Survivor said...

@ FF

I hardly had any independence!!

Read this http://lifeunwinded.blogspot.com/2009/07/sisterhood-clan.html

@ Sunil

I don't love Asin, but yes in love with the character she played.

Got that!!

The Survivor said...

@ Rakesh

I am having the same problems

@ Shwetz

Doubts? The word I thought was "Choices"

Someone does sounds in love ha :)

No wonder God enjoys making us miserable

Choco said...

Hmm..Maybe you should stop looking for love and sit around waiting for it to find you... :)
Now I think the above line is corny...I have never read Mills and Boons :P

Heavenly Muse said...

w8 for the right time and right person...may be..that is something known as love...

The Survivor said...

@ Choco

What do you think I am doing right now :P

No wonder the poor response Phew!! Should I gift you one?

@ Heavenly Muse

Welcome to LIFE

Its only when one falls in one that they come to know its love

Shanu said...

U are single? I cld have sworn that you are married!

There now u kno wat the problem is..u give out committed/married kinda vibes!!Bas take care of that and you are into the game again!

Psych Babbler said...

Enjoy being single and mingling...you will find someone someday. Being single can be great...I think we forget that when in a relationship sometimes. So enjoy yourself while it lasts. And in the process, you may find the right girl. Good luck!

The Survivor said...

@ Shanu

Why single men have no desires?

I had no idea I was doing that, guys are not known for that...

@ PB

Welcome to LIFE

Thanks for your kind words

Anya said...

LOVELY written :)
Great blogsite ..

greetings from The Netherlands
Kareltje =^.^=
Anya :)

Shruti said...

stop 'searching'. Its never works out when u pick up someone and keep just for the sake of having SOMEone. Just be yourself and let things happen :)

rauf said...

Yogesh ?
Hi. How are you ?
Smiles smiles,
You want to get into it.
Once you get in to it you'd desperately WANT to get out of it.
Why do you have 'requirements' ?
If every one has 'requirements' believe me no one would fall in love.
There is no perfect man and no perfect woman. None would fit in to your requirements.
Would you like to fall in to some girl's requirements ? Won't you find that insulting ?

You have the virtual world very much on your mind, you may call it fantasy, you are dealing with the real world when you step out.

With a little give and take one day you will find some one. She may not be perfect, she may not be a beauty queen. If you want a peaceful married life, give her your best, no acting, women are gentle creatures, do your best to understand her. Give her love and give her freedom, equality. All they want is to have control over their lives, not some one else controlling them. Religion and society treats them as inferiors. yes there are women who want to be controlled and who accept inferiority as their faith or out of love and sacrifice.
Love her till the end of your life Yogesh. Wish you and your loved one all the joy in the world.

The Survivor said...

@ Anya

Welcome to LIFE

Thanks for the generous words!!

@ Shruti

That's what I am waiting for :)

The Survivor said...

@ Rauf sir

Good to see you here

I am doing good :) I think one should at some point of time :)

Well, I don't have any requirements but they come up mysteriously

Completely agree with the last line they are beautifully carved into words!!


Deepali said...

Haha tall tanned and handsome is good but in reality everyone wants way more than that (except some Mills and Boons character maybe :P)

Anyway in life you must always think about why you want the things you want. At least the big things. I mean do you want something because you've been told you should have it? Do you want something because everyone around you supposedly has it? Or do you want it because you believe it will actually make life better an in what way?

I find that we are so brainwashed with some notions that instead of being better off, we are worse off for it.

At times we bring more misery to ourselves while seeking happiness.

I'm not trying to say that looking for love is a bad thing or that it exists only in fairy tales etc but why be disappointed because you (anybody generally) haven't found it yet?

Sure time is ticking and you are aging etc etc but we all could do with a little less pressure don't you think?

evanescentthoughts said...

Hey thanks for visiting my blog. Haha.. I used to feel the same way but once you meet that special someone, you will somehow know. Eyes play a major role and it just automatically happens. But some people compromise with their requirements and that's how end up with someone easily

The Survivor said...

@ Deepali

More than that?, you want me to get dark now :P

Yeah, I am like the wine which only gets better as they get old :)

@ Evane

Welcome to LIFE

Yeah I agree, but I guess we come to know by instinct when we find what we look for.