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March 11, 2009

The Last Time I Played Holi

Got up too early in the day than the usual and was staring out of the window and listening to the silence which was broken later.

Scribbled a few thoughts in papers as I wanted to start the day with a clean slate. Waited for the day to pass away as I felt restless sitting in the house. Though it was a day well spend with family.

There were hardly anyone playing Holi from my building, except for the building adjacent to mine. I was trying to remember the last time I played Holi, I realized that it was about 10 years ago that I poured water and colors on others.

The last time being when my cousins came to my house and put colors on me and my sister as we were studying for our exams which were on the way. In terms of a proper playing, it happened to be the year when my father passed away. As I enjoyed the moment, the watchman of the building (the earlier place where I used to live) took on a societal obligation to tell me that I was not supposed to play. Though I did not understood what he really meant back then, but think of it who had given him the right to tell what one should do or not, especially when kids are not aware of such things.

I feel like I am living with dead people in the same building. I would have loved to go out and play but there are hardly anyone to play with. There are no one of my age group and the kids did not ventured out to play. Going to the old place would have being no different as my friends have got so busy in their lives they forgot what fun we used to have as kids.

Hope the next year would be a different story, I will make sure that I am somewhere playing Holi :) and that I am not working that day otherwise all my plans would go kappish.

Hope you had a great time playing Holi.


Sunil said...

I don't feel like playing with colours but I love the feel of it & the variety you get to eat. :D

Happy belated holi.

Yogesh said...

@ Sunil

I think one should at least once, the way everyone come together is just great.

Yeah the food too makes the difference :)

Wish you too a Happy Holi buddy