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February 13, 2009

I Love ........

I love it. It is the image above that I am talking about. I should have been a copywriter. Don't know what I am doing here. That is the feeling that sometimes I get.

The image could soon be the face of a company news letter name if approved. My friend told me yesterday that there was a competition in his organization to suggest a title for the newsletter and asked me to come up with something that he could send in.

At first, I was not sure if I wanted to do it, but then I said what the heck lets give it a shot (as I dreamed of being in the ad world, I thought this could be a good time to judge, if I can come up with something in a short time). The deadline was of today.

Asked my friend to forward me the newsletter and then voila I came up this after mixing up the font face of the text and with the help of a google search got the right image. The only thing that you are not seeing is the company name which appears in the place of the text on the glass. I came up with four different look for the same title and this was the last and the best of the lot.

I am keeping my fingers crossed hoping it makes it to the top (and lay my hands on my share of the prize).

Wondering whether this would be a good time to change my profession.....

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