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February 8, 2009

Be Careful, of What You Write

For a moment, I just stared at the monitor trying to make sense of what was written by my friend. Just a few days ago, he was making a joke out of it and now when I read what he had wrote, it was a total turn around.

I wrote back to him saying he was taking the joke too seriously and I deleted the scraps that I had written thinking it offended him. The next thing, I know after a few hours he called me up and said that he was only worried that other people might come to know of it. He realized that what he had written sounded very harsh when read. I thought it was good that we talked and sort things out, he is one of my good pals. He was then telling me to scrap the same text and would like others to see it. I thought it would be better to let it go.

In case, you are wondering what cause the sudden rift, all this happened over a girl (nothing bad or offensive). From my experiences I have learned that what you intend to say is different when you put it in writing. It might sound okay to you, but it might end up offending someone who is well-versed with the language. It just takes a "single word" to change the whole meaning of what you meant.

The next time, if you are writing to someone just make sure to read your message twice or thrice, so that it means what you want to convey.

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