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July 22, 2008

Ek Achi Adat

"The hardest job kids face today is learning
good manners without seeing any"
— Fred Astaire

Have you recently seen the new promo of the new Ramayan being broadcasted on NDTV imagine. Here is an excerpt below of one of the ads that was aired:

A child is shown singing and dancing to the "A Ganpat" song in front of the guest and his parents. It shows its parents embrassed by the song he chose to dance on. Then the line comes of teaching good manners to your kids. One can do that by watching Ramayan — Ek Achi Adat.


Imagine when a girl parent comes to inquire about her kid at her friends house and she blabbers "Bhag gayi hogi kisi ladke ke saath, kya kare jawani ka garam khoon hai na, koi baat nahi subah tak aa jaegi"

I really liked the way the creators of this ad made their point and kind of made me think about what the todays kids were seeing on the television. In a way they are right that today the television industry has become a victim of running after TRPs than to provide some quality entertainment. Everyone will admit that this is the dark age of television which is devoid of the meaningful serials (except for a meagre few). The reality shows that are shown are a turn-off with each channel have more than one reality show running. On top of that you will seeing them indulging in cat-fights to promote the shows. One of the reasons the saas-bahu serials are so popular because almost all the viewers are housewives. I happened to ask some people who used to watch such shows, one of the common replies that I came across that there was nothing else to watch!!!

Gone are the days when there were serials which we could watch as a family. There was something new to learn from it. This reminds me of my growing days when there serials like Nukkad, Fauji, Circus, Rajani, Yeh Jo hai Zindagi, Bangei Apni Baat, Just Mohabbat and others to name a few. Yes who can forget the Ramayan & Mahabharat. They were the best (I don't believe in remaking of movies/serials/songs which were a hit, but the Ramayan that is aired now is not that bad). They were the serials based on "real" people who had to handle difficult situations, fighting for your rights and the trauma of growing up :).

Nowadays, whenever I see any serial, the only thing that comes across that somewhere someone is plotting against each other. Have people stoop so low or the creative minds are out of ideas to churn out such trash. No wonder the Ramayan ad hits the wall pointing that there is hardly any serials today which a family can sit and watch together and with the kids learning from them.

Hope someone read this and make an attempt to change the current scenario of the serials that are being aired.


Anonymous said...


happened to come across your blog in orkut and felt that wat you have wriiten is true about what kids are learning through TV.But I feel that when kids are around, it's the parents responsibility to see what they r watching.There are many good channels that impart knowledge to the kids.So..basically it all depends on the parents..how they bring up their kids.

JaY said...

Its true that its the parents responsibility to make sure what their children watch. But the question is do we have any serials nowadays that impart good values in kids of today?

Something that the whole family can sit and watch.