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March 19, 2008

Being the Nice Guy

Nice Guys Finish Last

I always used to wonder what this quote meant. Never really understood why a nice guy should finish last. After all being nice is not that too bad. Now that I am trying to find my way in the real world, I can understand why it is said so.

Nice guys are people who come across as mannered and helpful individuals. They are ready to help you out if you are in trouble. There mannerism, etiquettes and moral values could leave one amazed. It is really hard to find someone of this rare species to exist in this world.

The problem is everyone loves having them around as they know they are loyal and trustworthy individuals. When it comes passing the buck (like you want that a task that needs to be done, but you are in no mood to do it), these Nice guys appear as angels to help you out. It is a kind of irony that we as individuals tend to "use" them for their helping nature. No wonder that our ego gets boosted when we successfully delegate our work done from others. We tend to use them at the beck of our call. What makes me wonder is why do these nice guys take all this into their stride? Why don't they hit back and get the record straight.

Over the years, I have realized that these guys are "sensitive". They also happen to be of shy and reserved nature. Their biggest problem is not been able to say no to others when they want to say no. Also they are reluctant to express themselves fully as they might fear being ridiculed by others. One could see the innocence in them which seemed lost as we grow up from a child to a man. They also find it hard to deal with the real world which gets hard on them. They also have a hard time in getting girls as most of them go after guys who are macho and bad.

In today's world one cannot really afford to be a nice guy. There are people waiting to move up the ladder by stamping on such people who do all the work. The nice guy need to make sure that he learns to say no (time is a good teacher, which makes us do things sometimes we don't on our own). The existence of the nice guy ceases to exist in the real world as it gets competitive and mean.

The sooner they learn about this, things will get better for them.

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